Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet the Dream Team: Amber Widener

Today we are kicking off our "Meet the Dream Team" series. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing members of the team of talented designers that create all the fabulous samples you see in the store and the instructors you love learning from! And so now without further ado, I give you AMBER WIDENER. (links to the teams personal blogs are always available at the left hand sidebar.)

Amber has been scrapbooking for nine years. It started out very simply, as most obsessions do. After stumbling into a local scrapbook store and instantly falling in love, Amber bought a book about scrapbooking and an artist was born. She started out with a small box of supplies, which morphed into a rolling cart full of papers and embellishments, which then became a table full of tools and other supplies. She then commandeered a spare room in her house which was transformed into her studio.
She started teaching classes at Charleston Scrapbooking in September 2009 before joining the Design Team in August of 2010.
Her style bounces between eclectic and modern to funky and shabby chic. She loves to incorporate items not usually used in scrapbooking like cardboard, recycle book text, wire, wood, paint and metal.
Amber is also a self employed real estate paralegal who has owned her own business since 1999. She is married to the super talented Joshua, who is also an artist, and they reside in Summerville with their two dogs and two cats.

Here is a little sampling of Amber's other works:

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